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my footprints


In an interview a long time ago, they asked me if I had left traces. It was almost 18 years ago, and on that occasion I responded that I rather believed that I did things that can last over time. A little philosophy perhaps; However, I consider that I have left footprints, because with each step we take, even if it is a brief mark, there remains.

Professionally, I agree that everything depends on the perspective with which you look at it, for example, in journalism, I was the first professional sports journalist in Guayas. My competition was always basketball, and with my work, I motivated the recovery of a sport whose practice was in decline. And so I left my name in tennis, golf, horse riding and reporting on soccer players.

Then I went on to write the first pages of exclusive reports, from the social and cultural sphere. So that was part of the biggest events.

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