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Consultora en Comunicación e imagen Pública, Marianella Valdez

"Image is not about what people see, it is about conveying what you want them to see"



When I passed fifty, I celebrated with an amaretto and pistachio cake with gold decorations and sparkling cocktails; amidst memories and anecdotes between friends and family. More than one highlighted the importance of my work during the different stages.

From there, I took that part of my life as a challenge, and decided to do things for myself, where I can put my signature behind it and with pride; where you can freely say yes or no. It will be very interesting, going little by little, writing and simply discovering what makes us feel better. I have a lot to contribute, I have a lot to say, and I do it in a friendly, knowledgeable and professional way, to transmit everything I know.

In this space, there is the communication professional; with stories from my journalism days, the honor of having worked in the largest media outlets in Ecuador; my aspect as an athlete; the memories of power, when I worked as a Communication Advisor in different Governments and political campaigns.


I put emphasis on Image Consulting. A career that I studied after Journalism and that I am passionate about because Image Consulting allows you to discover the essence of being and project yourself to achieve your goals.

Additionally, because of that passion and conviction, I entered Political Communication. I went from participating in conferences and workshops to being a panelist, instructor and speaker at national and international events. My opinion is consulted in the media and forums. I am happy to pass on my thoughts.



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Image Consulting

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Public image

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Political Communication

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In an interview a long time ago, they asked me if I had left traces. It was almost 18 years ago, and on that occasion I responded that I rather believed that I did things that can last over time. A little philosophy perhaps; However, I consider that I have left footprints, because with every step we take, even a brief mark remains.

Consultant in Communication and Public Image, Marianella Valdez, in Guayaquil
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I talk about many topics

Communication and Public Image Consultant, Marianella Valdez

Public image consulting focuses on advising people or companies to manage their perception and reputation in the public sphere, including aspects such as communication, personal presentation and public relations strategy. It helps build a coherent and favorable image before the target audience.

Communicating is much more than talking. It is the process of transmitting information and meaning between people or groups of people, using various channels and languages, in order to share ideas, emotions and messages.

Communication and Public Image Consultant, Marianella Valdez
Consultora en Comunicación e imagen Pública, Marianella Valdez

Personal Comfort, your style guide. Here you will find a refuge dedicated to individual well-being and the pursuit of a lifestyle that reflects your authenticity. We explore the delicate harmony between comfort, elegance and self-care.


It is a metaphor that highlights that life is full of experiences and stages, with its ups and downs and discoveries, as we move towards an unknown destination and I show you spectacular places that I enjoy.


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