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Traveling is a lifestyle, it fills you with emotions and also expenses, but you have something left inside, in your memory and the satisfaction of experiencing something new.

I want to convey to you what I do and feel when I travel. First I am filled with unknowns about the place to visit, its customs, and most importantly, knowing the fashion trends and the weather.

Let's Google the new destination, it's easy to find a lot of information. I review the busiest places, the emblematic places of the city and a list of the best restaurants. In my modest economy I travel two to three times a year and my favorite place in the United States.

In this blog, I will tell you about the places I have visited, enjoying the company of friends and family; with very beautiful photos, most of them taken by me and others are authored by my dear husband, Alex Cordero, who is also my travel companion.

And well, there will be no shortage of appropriate recommendations on the way to dress and the style of wearing clothes during the trip.

I invite you to follow me and I need to know your opinion. Every comment helps me build.

Communication and Public Image Consultant, Marianella Valdez

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